Industry leading experts

Our team is comprised of experts, skilled sales and support staff and a dedicated group of distributors and applicators.

Research & Development

Specialist Painting Group has sought to lead the way in the specification and installation of advanced coating systems for specific industries.

We have developed strong relationships with UK based and international coatings manufacturers, universities and engineering companies.

Our vision is to remain at the forefront of coatings technology enabling us to provide solutions to meet our clients needs. All of the products lines we assist in developing undergo rigorous testing to meet the relevant ASTM standards. We have our testing facility and laboratory environment in Peterborough where new product development is undertaken in collaboration with our partners.

SPG has extensive application experience, as a result our teams have been required to undertake application and knowledge transfer workshops for industry leading contractors on a global level.


Our team is comprised of:

  • Industry leading experts 
  • Application professionals 
  • Highly experienced project engineers

We are a solution provider with a passion for solving problems and delivering complex applications for our clients.

Case Studies

Reactor Tanks

SPG have implemented RPR heat induction technology to remove the existingcoating system from seven reactor tanks insidea potable water facility. Ab...

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Royal Victoria Overgrou...

Royal Victoria Station which is one of the station assets on the East and Central Routes of the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). Areas of the structure ...

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HB41 Cable Bridge

Specialist Painting Group undertake the refurbishment of the Finchley Station Cable Bridge. HB41 was constructed in 1939 and is a continuous three spa...

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