Industrial Protective Coatings

We are committed to an on-going training program through the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in order to full fill our industry training requirements

Protective Coatings

An industrial coating is defined by its protective characteristics rather than a decorative coating which is defined by it aesthetic properties.  

The most common use for industrial protective coatings is in the control of corrosion to steel structures such as pipe lines, bridges, off shore platforms and storage tanks.

Corrosion is the gradual deterioration of material by a chemical reaction with its environment. Corrosion degrades the useful properties of materials and structures including structural integrity, appearance and permeability to liquids and gases.

Surface preparation and the application of protective coatings requires specialist technical knowledge. Specialist Painting Group is a company member of the Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme (ICATS). We are also a sustaining member of the Institute of Corrosion.  We directly employ a highly skilled team of ICATS applicators who have extensive knowledge of steel surface preparation and protective coating application within the processing, petrochemical, waste to energy, marine, rail, aggregate, flood defence, civil, nuclear and utilities industries.

We are committed to an on-going training program through the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in order to full fill our industry training requirements.

We are an independent training provider on behalf of the Institute of Corrosion. We deliver the ICATS mandatory training program alongside the institutes airless paint spraying, abrasive blast cleaning and intumescent coating modules. These courses are delivered at our head offices and comprehensive painting facility in Peterborough.

SPG directly employs its own in house ICATS trainer, giving our staff regular access to theoretical and practical training sessions.

A full independent specification and inspection service is available on all of our projects.

Our steel corrosion control team is a specific division of Specialist Painting Group who have the experience and capabilities to manage the life span of our customers essential industrial assets.

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