Advanced coatings

Our coatings are designed for a wide range of applications available in a range of standardised colours

Painting and Coating Services

Choosing the right system to protect steel and concrete is critical, sub-standard preparation coupled with the wrong coating system can have devastating effects.

The primary requirements of the coating systems applied by Specialist Painting Group are to protect valuable assets from corrosion due a chemical reaction with its operating environment, heat transfer form elevated process temperatures, impact/abrasion from processes and transit damage, loss of structural integrity from fire, damage caused by condensation and chemical attack.

These advanced coatings are typically applied by airless spray, both single and plural component. These processes use compressed air and high pressure pumps to force the material through a small atomising nozzle orifice to form a controlled spray film. The use of airless spray has the advantages of better paint penetration into the surface features giving us the ability to apply coatings with a uniform film thickness whilst ensuring excellent adhesion and flow out.

Our coatings are designed for a wide range of applications available in a range of standardised colours. Recently SPG have been successful in the development of micro particle insulation designed as a tenacious, thermally efficient insulating coating that reduces heat loss on processing equipment and pipe work.

All of our steel surface preparation and coating application is carried out by ICATS and NORSOK M-501 qualified applicators whilst our coating systems conform to the required OEM specifications.

Case Studies


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