SPG works directly with the leading supplier of High Density Co2

High Intensity Co2 blasting has been derived from traditional dry ice blasting.

High Intesity Co2 Blasting

High Intensity Co2 Blasting is both a non - waste productive and environmentally friendly form of blast cleaning that has been developed to remove existing coating systems, corrosion products and soluble surface salts.

High Intensity Co2 blasting has been derived from traditional dry ice blasting. Advancements in technology have resulted in a more robust process, capable of removing protective coating systems and epoxy passive fire protection.from both steel and concrete substrates.

High Intensity Co2 blasting removes existing coating systems, corrosion products and surface contamination in three ways:

  • Kinetic effect of High Density Co2 being propelled at high velocity by compressed air, impacts the surface creating fractures within  the coated surface. 
  • Thermal effect of the High Density Co2 impacting the existing coating system, corrosion products or surface contamination reducing the adhesion to the substrate.
  • Expansion of the High Density Co2 sublimating to a gaseous state expanding to 800 times its original size results in lifting the existing coating system, corrosion products or surface contamination from the substrate.
  • High intensity Co2 blasting is a controlled method of blast cleaning.  The selection of the correct nozzles, rate of blast medium throughput and correct pressure are important elements of this unique application.  The result is the complete removal of existing coating systems up to 15mm, corrosion products and surface soluble salts, exposing the original profile of the steel substrate.

Using frozen high density Carbon Dioxide pellets produced from liquid Co2 the blast medium sublimates and returns to a gaseous state upon impact.  This sublimation results in no spent blast medium being created.

The financial implications of using High Intensity Co2 blasting are significant.  The sublimation of the material means that no waste blast medium is produced during the process.  Unlike traditional grit blasting methods, High Intensity Co2 blasting can be used without the requirement for hazardous waste removal and grit extraction.

Productivity during a coating removal project is dramatically increased as the cleaning out process associated with grit blasting is eliminated.  The exposure to operatives is reduced as hazardous waste in not being produced in the form of spent grit.  The procedure is a non fatigue procedure resulting in reduced exposure to those undertaking the application.

High Density Co2 blasting has a reduced impact on the environment due to no hazardous waste being produced as part of the process.  High Intensity Co2 blasting is a more sustainable method of blast cleaning in comparison to traditional methods.

SPG works directly with the leading supplier of High Density Co2 and is the UK's approved contractor for this process of blast cleaning.  We have extensive experience in the use of the application equipment and High Density liquid Co2 processing machinery.

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