Engineers with years of experience

Our ICATS Engineers are experts in steel surface preparation using abrasive blast medium.

Blast Room

Specialist Painting Group are based in Peterborough, East Anglia.  We are located just of the A1 with excellent transit routes to locations across the UK.  At our head offices and painting facility we have an eight meter by seven meter contained blast room. This area is only used for the abrasive blast cleaning of carbon steel.

Our ICATS Engineers are experts in steel surface preparation using abrasive blast medium. We are competent in all of the relevant preparation standards operating a robust quality control procedure through out all of our projects.

Undertaking both specified and unspecified projects we utilise abrasive cleaning techniques to achieve the maximum surface profile prior to the application of any coating system. Often working under third party supervision our engineers are experts in abrasive blast cleaning.

Using mechanical tools to achieve specified standards of preparation, our Engineers have years of experience in preparing steel to a standard that is acceptable to paint. This method of surface preparation is only carried out where abrasive blast cleaning is not an option.

Our ICATS operatives are experts in steel surface preparation using both mechanical means and blast medium. We have the capabilities to deal with the most complex of items, from heat exchangers to bulk heads and vessels requiring hydrocarbon fire protection.

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