Super performance coating system

1KNT/F1KNT Liquid Applied insulation System is the only liquid applied insulating coating that rises to the highest levels of performance whilst delivering multiple benefits

1KNT/F1KNT Liquid Applied Insulation

SPG are the UK licensed applicator for 1KNT/F1KNT Liquid Applied insulation.  A high build, high temperature, thermally insulating coating system designed to minimise thermal transfer.

Designed and manufactured by DLE Technology, 1KNT/F1KNT Liquid Applied insulation is super performance coating system creating safe touch surfaces and energy savings.

1KNT/F1KNT Liquid Applied insulation System is the only fluid applied insulating coating that rises to the highest levels of performance whilst delivering multiple benefits. It is one component of a complete coating system that also includes high temperature, anti-corrosive primers and UV stable, chemically resistant topcoats. In addition 1KNT/F1KNT Liquid Applied insulation insulation is a water borne formulation with a very low ratio of volatile organic compounds making liquid insulation the ideal choice for sensitive environments.

Key characteristics ensure effectiveness:

1KNT/F1KNT Liquid Applied insulation System physical characteristics such as high film build, excellent bonding and tailored particle size create an ideal combination of thermally efficient attributes. Whether reducing heat lost improve efficiency or minimising heat transfer to protect personnel from burns, liquid insulation is second to none.

Performance proven by comparison:

In side by side comparisons 1KNT/F1KNT Liquid Applied insulation benefits from a combination of insulating and protective properties represent a more effective solution than virtually all other available options when applied to pipe work, vessels, process machinery and infrastructure. Specialist Painting Group has successfully installed this system in industrial facilities, refineries, manufacturing plants and food processing environments.

The following illustration demonstrates the effectiveness of of the 1KNT/F1KNT Liquid Applied Insulation System with differing film thicknesses:

1KNT/F1KNT Liquid Applied insulation System Provides:

  • Increased thermal efficiency and energy savings
  • Personnel safety and protection from hot surfaces
  • Exceptional corrosion under insulation (CUI) resistance
  • Excellent substrate bonding and durability
  • Superior condensation control characteristics
  • Flexible application including trouble free labour saving touch up and repair

As all leading businesses have become ever more focused on the impact on cost and the environment, due to the various processing demands of their products, so to has SPG. Our engineers have extensive experience in the application of this specialist product providing the application of the 1KNT/F1KNT Liquid Applied insulation System on behalf of DLE Technology who have developed the material, application method and process for demonstrating the energy savings created by the product 

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