Petrochemical Sector

As a company we have the ability to work within areas such as the petrochemical industry


Petrochemical sites present an array of different maintenance issues.  From chemical bunds and tank linings to passive fire protection it is imperative that the correct coating systems are utilised and can perform under pressure.

As a company we have the ability to work within areas such as the petrochemical industry and provide a valuable service to our clients.  A firm understanding of client requirements is important alongside the ability to provide a quality driven turnkey solution.  

Our company has several robust relationships with International coating manufacturers that can provide us with products specifically designed to deal with the maintenance issues created by the processes and environment within a petrochemical site. We have extensive experience in the use of composite repair products that can eliminate down time.  Coupled with our knowledge of protective coatings and their application we can offer our clients a solution to many of the issues faced on a daily basis.

Passive fire protection plays an important role within the petrochemical industry.  We hold all of the major licences and approvals for modified epoxy PFP including:

- M90/2      - FX6000      - Chartek 7/8      - Chartek 1709      - Pyroclad      - Pitt Char      - Jotachar


We work in partnership with Wiwa Eurospray who provide us technical and mechanical support on all of our passive fire protection projects.

Cryogenic spill protection is a solution we also offer clients within the petrochemical industry working with Sherwin-Williams we hold the M89 approval for this application.

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