Owens Corning

Owens Corning

Owens Corning manufacture glass wool.  The process involves a piece of equipment called a hydroformer. This machine is constantly wet as the process of manufacturing glass wool requires large amounts of water.  Due to the nature of the environment the hydroformer has seen large areas of accelerated corrosion.  Specialist Painting Group were tasked with sourcing a coating system that would extend the life expectancy of the hydroformer by up to ten years.  The coating system we specified was a moisture curing urethane from Steelpaint in Germany.  SPG is an approved Steelpaint applicator.  The coating system is designed for submerged conditions and splash zones.

The hydroformer was prepared using UHP water jetting. The existing coating was completely removed prior to the application of the new MCU Steelpaint coating system.

Our ICATS engineers installed a moisture curing urethane primer and midcoat to the entire hydrofomer. This coating system was chosen due to its adhesive characteristics and robust nature in wet environments.

Many of the underside elements of the hydroformer has suffered accelerated corrosion due to the constantly wet environment.  The MCU primer was applied to all of these elements after the existing coating and corrode areas of steel had been removed.

An MCU UV stable topcoat was installed as part of the complete coating system.  Owens Corning were extremely pleased with the finished product and the methodology used in the installation.

Specialist Painting Group are an approved applicator for Steelpaint GmbH, moisture curing urethane technology.    

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