London Waste

London Waste

London Waste is the largest waste to energy plant in the UK.  The sites residual ash conveyor transports incinerated waste ash to a large magnet that separates ash from alloy.  The residual ash conveyor has suffered accelerated corrosion to its carbon steel structure due to the nitrate content of the ash it transports.  SPG have been contracted to wet blast the steel structure using a water and copper slag working mix and install a surface tolerant mastic aluminium (M922M).  This project has a surface area of 1200 m2 and is being completed using powered access at a height of twelve meters. The project is due to be completed in August of this year.

The structural steel elements of the ash conveyor were completely covered in incinerated ash from the process at London Waste.  The ash had solidified over time.  The process of using chipping hammers was utilised to remove the ash prior to the start of mechanical preparation.

Mechanical preparation began on the lower tier of the conveyor.  The specified standard was BS EN ISO 8501-1 ST3.  This standard of preparation was reflected in the coating system that was chosen for the project.

The required standard has been achieved to the underside of the ash conveyor.  All of the structural elements have now been signed off by the on site third party coatings inspector. 

The remaining piece of corroded cladding being removed from belt A.  SPG will reinstate new cladding on completion of the coating application.

The coating application to the lower section of the ash conveyor.

Coating application at the top of the structure is being completed using 12 meter working height, diesel scissor lifts and access from the internal area of the conveyor.

The exposed structure after the complete installation of the M922M

Primer application using an M922M Mastic Aluminium is now complete to the underside stuctural elements of the ash conveyor.

The ash conveyor is a complicated structure to prepare and paint by design.

The application of Sherwin - Williams C137V2 two component polyurethane topcoat.

The completed ash conveyor with new cladding installed as per the clients specification.

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