Amco Rail

Amco Rail

Ermine Street over bridge is a Network Rail structure that supports four rail lines between Huntingdon and Godmanchester.  

SPG have been contracted by Amalgamated Construction to remove the existing bitumen based coating system and install a new anti-corrosive coating system with a 25 year life expectancy.  The coating system that we have specified for this project is a moisture curing urethane from our partners Steelpaint in Germany.  The MCU system can be applied in extremely low temperatures at relative humidity levels of 98%RH.  SPG are approved applicators of the Steelpaint technology. This project is due for completion in March 2016.

Ermine Street over bridge supports four rail lines and spans both carriage ways of the main carriage way between Huntingdon and Godmanchester.  The existing coating system shows signs of localised failure. There are also areas of severe delamination to the underside soffit and track side parapets.

The existing coating system has delaminated in many areas exposing the steel substrate to moisture and surface contamination.  Many of the rivets must also be replaced due to corrosion. The existing coating system must be completely removed to enable us to achieve the 25 year design life of the new anti-corrosive coating system.

Traffic management has been utilised during the weekend road closures. Powered access is being used during November and December 2015 with a full encapsulation been erected in 2016. Our ICATS Engineers will mechanically prepare the roadside and track side parapets with the underside soffit being blast cleaned to remove the bitumen based coating system.

Our ICATS Engineers will use chisel guns, mechanical, sanders, bristle blasters and wire brushes to remove the existing coating system to the required standard. The underside soffit will be blast cleaned to remove the existing bitumen prior to the application of the new MCU system.
The parapets after mechanical preparation. The MCU coating system is surface tolerant in line with the preparation standard.  Our aim has been to install the new MCU system to the parapets before the end of 2015 with Phase two beginning in February 2016.

The full application of the MCU PU zinc primer was preceded with a stripe coat to all of the rivets, edges and difficult to reach areas of the parapets.  Wet film thicknesses were constantly monitored using a wet comb.

The full application of the MCU PU zinc primer to the roadside parapets completed in December 2015.  The subsequent intermediate and top coat application will begin in February of 2016.

Phase II of the Ermine Street refurbishment began on the 1st February 2016.  With site being established and the scaffolding being erected the road closure began for a full six week period.

The completed encapsulation to the East side of the bridge.  The scaffolding allowed for permanent external access to the parapets for the duration of the road closure.

The internal elements of the underside soffit showed the existing bitumastic coating system to well adhered in areas. The majority of the internal elements showed heavy delamination and surface oxidisation.  Mill scale was also present on much of the underlying substrate indicating that due to the age of the bridge the steel surface have never been grit blasted.

The underside soffit was blast cleaned to BS EN ISO 8501-1 SA2.5.  A total of seventy Ton of grit was used on this project in order to achieve the specified standard.

After blast cleaning of the individual areas had been completed the MCU PU zinc primer was applied using a stripe coat to all of the rivets, edges and difficult to reach areas.  A full primer coat was then hand applied to the correct specification.

After the application of the MCU PU zinc primer and MCU Mica intermediate coat was complete the MCU PU cover topcoat was applied to the individual elements of the soffit.  A stripe coat was hand applied to all of the rivets, edges and difficult to reach areas prior to the full spray application of the topcoat.

The completed underside soffit.

Ermine Street, Network Rail footbridge completed and re-opened to the public.

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